Athletes donating their quality pre-owned kit = more disadvanted athletes we can help play, compete and prosper!!


QU Foundation is the Non-Profit part of QouYou, PBC.



Mission Statement:


The QouYou Foundation exists to enable disadvantaged and aspiring athletes around the world to participate in sport.  Our mission is to supply new and preowned quality sports apparel, footwear and equipment donated by the QU Athlete community and other donors.



Vision Statement:


A global community driven by an ‘athlete to athlete, peer to peer’ ethos helping disadvantaged and aspiring athletes to start participating in sport and to stay in the sports they love.  


Along with corporate partners, volunteers and donors our athlete network will enable disadvantaged and aspiring athletes transform their dreams of participating in sport to a reality by providing necessary apparel, footwear, equipment.   We are committed to seeing a world where any disadvantaged aspiring athlete who has a motivation to play sport has access to the necessary tools to participate.


Fundamental Principles:


1.  Community & Support:  A global community of athletes and donors supporting disadvantaged athletes who do not have access to the apparel, footwear and equipment they need to play and compete in their chosen sport.


2.  Participation & Opportunity:  Making it easier for disadvantaged athletes to participate and stay in the sports they love, by providing necessary apparel, footwear and equipment, resulting in the opportunity for young athletes to develop their passion and talent.


3.  Recognition:  Athletes who actively participate in the foundation by donating their preowned sports apparel, footwear or equipment will be awarded a special ‘Supporter / Donor Badge’ to be displayed on their QU Athlete profile.


4.  Environment:  Helping the environment by recycling quality preowned sports apparel, footwear and equipment.

How to Donate:

1.  Send quality pre-owned sports apparel, footwear or equipment to the QouYou Foundation collections location in Maryland, USA.  Email to get started as a Donor.

2.  Donate funds.  You can donate funds right now safely and securely via PayPal.  100% of your donation will go towards helping disadvantaged athletes around the world play, compete and prosper in the sports they love.  All dontaions are tax deductable.

   [Please use 100% of my donation to help disadvantaged athletes play,compete and prosper in the sports they love.]

QU Athletes| QouYou Foundation Inc is a Delaware registered non-profit organization.  

Head office address:  1340 Smith Ave, Suite 200. Mt Washington.  Baltimore, MD 21209 USA.

QouYou Foundation's tax identification number is 47-5490605.  QouYou Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to QouYou Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.