Notre Dame of Maryland University


As a student at Notre Dame, you will discover the numerous advantages of attending a women’s college at a co-educational university in Baltimore, Md., a city that is home to 14 different colleges and universities and over 120,000 students. You will join a campus family of talented and dedicated women who eagerly embrace leadership opportunities and immerse themselves in academics—especially in more traditionally male-dominated fields. With the encouragement of professors who are invested in your future, you will thrive in a vibrant learning and cultural environment.

Why Notre Dame?
• NDMU is the only women’s college in Maryland.
• USA Today has ranked Notre Dame as one of America’s 10 Groundbreaking Women’s Colleges.
• Notre Dame of Maryland, has a teacher/student ratio of 12:1 and 87% of its classes with 20 or fewer students.
• Notre Dame is ranked third among Maryland private colleges for Return on Investment based on total cost and alumni earnings, according to PayScale.
• Classroom conditions at Notre Dame are created that encourage students to collaborate more with peers, actively participate in class and integrate ideas.
• A Notre Dame liberal arts education produces positive, documented results. Notre Dame students showed more improved critical, analytical and communication skills after four years in college than 88 percent of students at more than 500 participating institutions nationwide.
• Notre Dame ranks among the most successful schools in balancing cost of attendance, likelihood of degree completion and earning potential of its graduates according to the College Reality Check database developed by the Chronicle of Higher Education.
• Notre Dame alumnae have earned career distinction as physicians, medical and scientific researchers; educators, CEOs; novelists; federal judges; publishers; military leaders; college presidents; community, association and religious leaders, and more.
• Notre Dame was recently ranked among the top 50 among Best Regional Universities in the North, as selected by the U.S. News & World Reports "Best Colleges 2014" Rankings, improving 10 spots from last year.