Marquis Sena Basketball/ Track 2017


Marquis Sena Basketball/ Track 2017

My collegiate goals and aspirations are to go away to a Competitive academic school to study Business Management/Communications as well as be a part of a competitive sports program where I can thrive in both arenas. I have lived my entire life in New York City and for most of my peers they have never traveled outside of the five boroughs. I was fortunate to have traveled to other states. Inspired by my Uncle who was born and raised in the Bronx, went to college in Ohio and is currently serving in the Navy I want to go away to College to get that experience.

I would be a good candidate for your program because I am a team player. I started playing football when I was 6 and learned about comraderie/team chemistry at an early age. I believe in being a leader by example. If I am willing to work hard I expect my fellow teammates to do the same and I expect them to hold me to the same high standard .

I know that many recruits will say that what makes them different from any other recruit for your team is that they have strong leadership qualities. I feel what will seperate me from other recruits is I have had imbedded in me from my Coaches and my Dad that HARD WORK, PAYS OFF and "Don't be Afraid to be Great, but be humble in your greatness". I utilize these statements in the way I approach my school work, how I conduct myself, planning of my Future and how I compete. I am an extention of my family and I only want to make my God and my family proud of me. If I am recruited by your school I would place the school and the individuals associated with the school as part of my extended family and make them proud as well.