Johnny O'Beirne Football C/O2018


I'm a varsity athlete for the football and wrestling teams at my school. For football I can play wherever needed. On a varsity level I have played: QB/RB/WR/TE/SS/FS/MLB/OLB/DL/NG/P/KR/PR..When I graduate high school I will be a 3 year starter for our football team. I am currently 5'8 170 pounds and have a max bench of 265 pounds, clean of 225 pounds, deadlift of 405 pounds, and squat of 365 pounds. I love football because it has helped me through all of the bad situations in my life. Football really helps me clear my mind and always makes me forget everything that has happened in my life. I love the contact and physicality of the game. I'm no where near the biggest player, but I'm without a doubt one of the toughest players, hardest workers, and I have the biggest heart out of anyone on the field. My dream has been to play football in college. The level at which I play does not matter to me as long as I can play the game I love, and play the game that has helped me get through life and mature me as a young man. When I am an adult, my goal is to have a well paying job to help benefit my life for my future family and I and a good education is a big factor in that. So I work hard on and off the field to be the best person I can be. So wherever I play in college, that university is getting a very respectable and hard working young man!