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We understand you want to go to a college where you feel you belong and where you will be able to excel as a student and grow as a person.

We think Goucher College might be just the place for you.

Goucher is a place to discover and hone your natural abilities and to be an active member of a diverse and involved student body. Here you will explore a broad range of subjects, develop a global perspective, and connect and work with expert professors. You will enjoy living on a lively campus abounding with clubs, events, exhibits, concerts, and athletics matchups, and our close proximity to Baltimore City guarantees even more opportunities for fun outside the classroom. And when you graduate from Goucher, you will be prepared for an ever-changing world, no matter which academic path you take.

Are you ready to discover your future at Goucher College? We encourage you to apply to Goucher through one of our highly individualized admissions process. Members of the Admissions Committee carefully read (or watch) every single application, paying particular attention not just to your academic development, but also to your personal qualities and intellectual promise.

So, tell us: Who are you? How would you fit in at Goucher? We'd love to hear more about you and what you would bring to our vibrant campus community.

Goucher College is an educational community that strives to integrate personal, intellectual, and physical growth through participation in a number of disciplines. The physical education, intercollegiate athletics and recreational sports programs are very much a part of these traditions. These programs provide activities that are physically wholesome, mentally stimulating, and socially satisfying, while attempting to integrate athletics and recreation with the total educational experience. The Department cares about the health and welfare of each of the students involved in the program. The Department acknowledges that to promote the character development of its intercollegiate participants, and to enhance the integrity of higher education and promote civility in society, we have an obligation to ensure that all program participants adhere to the fundamental values of respect, fairness, civility, honesty, responsibility and the fair and equitable treatment of men and women. This is accomplished through the establishment of departmental and team policies, ongoing educational efforts, and the clear articulation of our expectations of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.

The emphasis for programs in the Physical Education and Athletic Department at Goucher College is a commitment to excellence while striving for competitive greatness. By-products of this quest for competitive greatness for the professional staff and the participants are: development of personal character, integrity, dedication and commitment, cooperative learning, and a sense of progress and accomplishment

Quick Facts:
- Founded: 1885
- President: Dr. José A. Bowen
- Enrollment: 1,480
- Nickname: Gophers
- Colors: Blue and Gold
- Affiliation: NCAA Division III
- Conference: Landmark
- Director of Athletics: Geoffrey Miller
- Associate Director of Athletics: Sally Baum
- Assistant Directors of Athletics: Thomas Till, Tati Korba, Bryan Laut
- Senior Woman Administrator: Jean Perez
- Sports Information Director: Mike Sanders