Dante Vineyard Football 2018


I've been playing football for five years. This past season was my sophomore year and I finished it with a total of 168 tackles, 88 assist, 80 solo, 28 were tackles for lost, and I also had 3 force fumbles. I'm 6'2 and I weight 212 I run a 4'85 and my 5-10-5 shuttle is 4'47. I play for Graham highschool my coaches name is Tony Palmer if you want to contact him to confirm everything his number is (276) 245-8915... The reason why I love football so much is because of Ray Lewis.. Every since I watch one of his games I got attached to the game... I can honestly say that Ray Lewis is my role model for football/life. He's so passionate about football... I don't know I guess it's just the way he takes over the team.. Maybe that's why I want to be like him. But the real reason why I want to go to the next level is for a good education and of course go to the NFL.. But if I can't go to the NFL I play in majoring physical therapy or sports medicine... And hopefully live out the rest of my days on this earth with a good life.